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Package contents for Infocrank M30BSA+Pracis rings

I would like to know what items to expect for an order? I ordered an Infocrank with the M30 bottom bracket for 68mm BSA with Praxis 50/34 rings. I expected that it contains the M30 bottom bracket, Infocrank, Praxis 50/34 rings, bottom bracket magnets, stick on magnets, L-shaped magnets, Allen wrench, 4 batteries and 2 M30 BB tools However, upon receipt, it is missing the bottom bracket magnets, stick on magnets and most importantly, the M30 BB tool. Without the M30 BB tool, I cannot properly install the bottom bracket. The ordering website clearly shows what is supposed to be in the "Full Start Up Kit" box. But that is not what I received. What should I do now?
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Hello Rick,

Where are you located? I can have your regions sales department look into your order specifically. Feel free to email to reply privately. 

Your shipment should come with the follow items...

  1. 1x InfoCrank M3 Crankset
  2. 1x M30 BSA Bottom Bracket
  3. 1x Praxis 50/34 Chainring Set
  4. 1x Magnet (one of three variations)
  5. 1x M30 BB tool

Our InfoCrank does not require Magnets for cadence detection anymore (firmware update may be required). We include one version of the magnets still for initial startup. See RevUp firmware FAQ for details...

With that said, you will most definitely require the M30 tool to install. Once I know your location I will correspond with our team to get the tool to you as soon as possible. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, Aaron

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