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Firmware isuues

Updated firmware on my infocrank now they don't work, drain battery wich had only 25 hrs of ues not quite the 500 hrs I was promised, reminds me of my Stages wich is worrying! I would hold fire before update your power meter with the new firmware! I

Hello Dave,

My apologies for the inconvenience you are experiencing. You are one of few that have experienced so many issues with our firmware update. Globally things are running very smoothly. Your battery and firmware update issues are directly correlated to some interruption during the update process. I am confident we can kick this InfoCrank out of its failed state and if we cannot we will arrange a warranty exchange no problem. 

Again my apologies for the troubles. Thank you for being in contact with our support portal. We hope to come to a speedy resolve. 



Similar issues here - have update the firmware and removed the cadence magnets and cranks aren't working at all now - @Davehuch68 did you manage to sort this out?

I am glad to read this article.

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