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Needing to calibrate every ride due to balance inaccuracies

Hi, Anybody have to calibrate their infocrank every ride? I calibrated mine yesterday as it was reading 60/40 % pedal balance which solved the problem. Today I've ridden again and it has again reported a 60/40% balance. My head unit is a garmin edge 810. Any suggestions? Many thanks John

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Hi John,

Thanks for creating this discussion forum. 

There is no need to recalibrate InfoCrank every ride. I am in the process of composing an email to you directly with a recovery mode update process. This process will factory restore your InfoCrank and should kick it from its current state. 

If anyone else encounters this issue and re-zeroing the crankset does not solve it, please contact



Hi Guys What was the resolution to this? I have the exact same issue, where left right reads 40/60 and overstates power compared to my kickr. Did the reset fix the issue? Verve m30 infocrank 110bcd with verve aero chainrings. Garmin 820 unit Cheers Brad
Hi Brad, I had to have my infocrank replaced under warranty. The reset didn’t fix the problem.

Thanks for the update. I have logged a ticket and will probably have to do the same

HI Guys,

@John...  For clarity.....The review on the cranks that you sent back showed the following which I reported to our business units at the time.

"The left crank had an ID of 444 and the right had an ID of 2492.   The number of the crank is #286.   How this happened we don't know, but how the customer did not notice when doing the updates that you asked for is also a mystery.  (When doing an update, the crank numbers are supposed to be entered, which means that you have to check them.)
We have not ridden the crank yet on a bike to see what it performs like and will do so in the near future, but from a "lab" perspective, it is perfect.    We will consider the case resolved when the cranks are ridden satisfactorily

Whoever sold you the cranks obviously mixed up a pairs and it is amazing that it was not noticed during the updates that Aaron asked you to do.  The cranks themselves were perfect but they were not supposed to be working with each other.   As we said at the time, we could not work it out and we needed to see the cranks since you also did not notice the different crank numbers.

@Brad...we are working through the possible issues with your cranks.   If we knew what the problem was, we would fix it on the spot.  Our aim as with John is to keep you on the road.  Even John should acknowledge that we sent him new cranks before his were returned to us, which is beyond the warranty rules.   We trust that we can work this out promptly and I trust that unless you have the odd couple of cranks which were from John's set, that your case will be easier to solve.

By the way, the true power numbers from InfoCrank® bear no resemblance to the numbers from Kickr most of the time.

Hi Brian, Thank you for the update which has taken over a year to come. I’m surprised that you haven’t had chance to test ride the cranks since you have had a year to do this. Also Aaron never instructed my to check the serial numbers were the same and as this was my first infocrank I wouldn’t have known the numbers should match, to my mind they are two load cells so therefore could have had different numbers, I’m no infocrank expert so how am I to know. My infocrank was supplied new by Romney cycles in the U.K. so maybe you could take the issue up with them rather than try to belittle me and my knowledge of your product. And finally yes, the replacement service was very fair and quick as I would like to expect with such an expensive piece of equipment. Best regards John.

Sorry, John.  My quote was from an internal piece written to our Support person - where I was seeking to instruct him to ensure that everything was covered quickly.   The upgrade process requires the number to be entered and it appears that our guy did not guide you through that or the number would have been noticed.   The annoying thing about it is that we all would have worked out the issue in five minutes instead of two weeks - that was the point of my internal correspondence.   Apologise for causing offence.

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