- Scan/Connect which finds the cranks (if activated) and shows the number of the crank, the length, firmware

- Zero the cranks (bike upright with cranks in 12/6 o'clock position and no weight - continue till zero)

- touch the crank number which opens up the menu for each crank separately. Battery strength is shown in volts. There is a menu for “torque” “diagnostics”, “waveform” & “riding with magnets”.

- touch “diagnostic” symbols which light up (red light above the signs as on the screenshot below), for both cranks and leave open until both crank lights are flashing slowly

- touch the square box in the right corner to return to operating screens.

- on screen one, you will see that the cadence is now (artificially running at) 60rpm so that a power number can be generated. 

Just flexing the cranks (in the direction for pushing the bike forward) will give a torque and power reading.  While bending one crank you should get a torque reading for that side, and in the balance section it should show 100% for that and 0% for the other side.

- if both cranks register about the same torque, and only register the one side that is being tested, they are measuring and transmitting, properly so return to the scan/connect button, open the separate menu again for left/right and turn OFF the diagnostic buttons – waiting until the lights on the cranks turn off before closing the App.