In many cases all you need to do is remove the batteries and re-install them. Be sure your batteries are SR44 and have enough charge. Wrong batteries and low charge have a huge effect on proper measurement!

In some cases a re-zeroing solves the problem. To calibrate your head unit to InfoCrank correctly:

1. Position crank arms at 12/6 o'clock (vertically) 

2. Ensure there is no load on crank arms 

3. Select calibrate/manual zero on bike computer- repeat if necessary to reach 0.

4. Done ;)

In other cases a firmware update may be required. If the battery reset above doesn't do the trick, use the free Android InfoCrank Firmware Updater App (available for free at the PlayStore), or follow out firmware link here for updates or for newer cranks

The free VINC App (available on the PlayStore can be used to check if cranks are measuring. Because left and right are both shown, you can test whether each crank responds appropriately when weight is applied.

If you've successfully installed the latest firmware, have checked VINC for balance and torque readings and are still encountering problems, email for further troubleshooting instructions.