Some riders get a file integrity email every so often and depending on terrain, or maybe after every ride saying "Cadence rules applied. One or more cadence values were discarded since they were outside the user's acceptable range. It's possible the athletes cadence sensor needs attention."

The facts behind it are:

- the InfoCrank® determines when a cadence event has occurred, by either passing a magnet or by the "power peak".

- both of those methods are superior to accelerometers, but are subject to "false positives".

- InfoCrank® policy is to NOT cut out any data - even if we could determine it might be in error.  This differs from many HR and power meters.

- your analysis software has an ability for you to automatically cut out any numbers that appear wrong, but also gives a warning that you have done so.   

We recommend that you set the cadence, HR  and power numbers cut-off limit to 10% above your current best. Some programmes allow you to manually cut them out - some will do it for you.

The reason that these false positives occur normally relate to the way in which we ride - not everyone does this - but if you cruise with your cranks in a horizontal position making short sharp up and down movements as you come to bends or stops, you may trigger this false positive.