VINC Pro has now been released.    This is not for everyone,but if you really want the data from InfoCrank and you love true analysis, this is your baby!

The attached PDF explains the difference between the modes on InfoCrank - normal (where your Garmin or other ANT+ device can read pretty mundane results) and the Fast Burst Mode (where you actually get the true data.

The readings on your normal ANT+ head unit using InfoCrank® are fine for most training - you do not need to invest in the VINC Pro.   However, the metrics such as Pedal Balance are pretty awful in ANT+ and not necessarily helpful.

If you really want to know more, then getting the full story is best.  This is where you discover that every pedal stroke gives a different balance and that your actions on the bike differ depending on what you are doing.   This is where you can genuinely work on improvements or recovery if you have been injured.

Just one note.  As I said,   Not everyone needs this.  We developed the VINC app (free) so that you could use the biofeedback to achieve good improvements in normal situations.  However, we did it without enabling access to all the data, which is easier for all of us.  Therefore, you cannot really do analysis of the numbers and direct comparisons between riders with VINC.

With VINC Pro, this is a whole new step forward.   Now all data is comparable, not just pedal stroke by pedal stroke, but probably hundreds of times per pedal stroke.   Combined with all the other sensors - 3D Vectors, Barometric pressure, speed, acceleration, HR, GPS, - a true picture of what is happening on the bike appears.   The bike angle around bends, the extra pressure exerted per leg in those sort of situations - all these things and more can be investigated and worked on for improvement.  Truly a tool for the ultimate winners.

So have a look and if you think you need it for your coaching, riding or your research, then contact us and we will chat about it.