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Revision .206

Compatible with
OS X Yosemite | Mavericks


To run this firmware without magnets, remove them before running the installer. Keep handy.

  • 1. Download the 32 or 64 bit update
  • 2. Insert fresh SR44 batteries into the InfoCrank
  • 3. Pass magnets over bulge to stop flashing*
  • 4. Open updater, connect, follow prompts

* Please note that newly manufactured InfoCranks (serial number normally above 3500) have new mother boards where the green light has different characteristics.  (The flashing light was designed when magnets were required and has been phased out to save battery power)

Older model cranks where the green light flashes after installing new batteries require the passing of a magnet over the RF cover or battery cover to move the crank from computer mode to operating mode.   Note that batteries are run down at 10 times the speed in computer mode, so do not leave the green light on for extended periods.

Newer model cranks only give one flash of the green light to show that batteries have made contact and when the battery cover is closed, the cranks automatically go into operating mode.

In all cases a solid green light indicates that the batteries are not suitable.   Even if new, they do not have the necessary charge.

Please remember to zero (often wrongly called "calibration" your cranks after a battery change or upgrade.  Always repeat the process till the result is actually "zero".