The 24mm InfoCrank® is designed to fit on many different bike frames ranging from 86.5mm to 92mm.   This means that the spindle, spacer and BB combination may need some work to make it totally right for your bike, even if your bike is in spec.

The way to work this out is;

- firstly, fit your cranks with no spacers - only dustcovers -  and see how much spindle is left over on the Non Drive side "NDS".   

- check your chain line and front derailleur shifting in that configuration.

- if shifting/chain line is OK, then add spacers to NDS.  If necessary add wavy washer to DS

- put necessary spacers on the NDS and tighten NDS crank fully, ensuring that cranks turn unimpeded.

- A little bit of play is not a problem, but should be virtually unnoticeable,