Ensure you have functioning batteries and cadence magnet triggers (only if still using magnets on the bike).  If using the navi2coach computer follow the below instructions. If using other computers and are unfamiliar with the dashboard please contact your computer supplier directly to insure proper procedures are taken.


Go to: Setup > Sport Profiles > Name of profile > Sensors > Power > Calibrate


STEP 1 - Set up bike for calibration

  • The crank arms must be vertical.
  • Bike must NOT be moving.
  • Do not put weight on pedals and cranks.
STEP 2 - Press calibrate/zero. Record number displayed.
  • Load the cranks by positioning them horizontally and stand on them or go for a ride and ensure both positive and negative torque is applied.
  • Repeat step 1 above and take another calibration reading. Record results.

STEP 3 - Analysis

  • Download the attached file below.
  • Subtract results of step 1 from the results of step 2 to discover your calibration value. If the results of steps 1 and 2 are more than 20 numbers different please create a ticket for additional support.


To ensure procedure was done properly please repeat steps above to confirm results.