Most InfoCranks® are supplied with a chain ring set.  We only supply high quality, designed-for-purpose chainrings that we tested and work well with the InfoCrank®. 

The original supplier for InfoCrank® was and remains Praxis Works. Praxis road chainrings are cold forged, hard anodized amuminium sets and are one of the smoothest running, most durable and sweetest shifting chainrings available. 

Verve also manufactures our own chain rings for customers who requires special chain ring combinations.  Our contracted manufacturers make the rings to our specifications particularly to fit the InfoCrank®.  This is important so that the RF cover on the drive side is not interfered with by the chain or the rings.

Verve also can supply rings from our manufacturers or make chain rings to order.   At this stage, Verve only manufactures circular rings for road use.

Combinations available:

  • 50/34  110BCD
  • 52/36  110BCD
  • 53/39  110BCD Aero*
  • 53/39  130 BCD
  • 53/39  130 BCD Aero*
  • 54/42  130 BCD Aero.*

Other combinations including non-circular rings, 1X rings, Track Rings to order.

* Aero Rings are specially strengthened for solid changing and to maintain the Aero capacity of your fast bike.