Yes. A test was conducted on the initial prototypes in 2011 for a client of the company. Under static testing, after calibration, both the SRM and InfoCranks achieved similar accuracy of torque measurement. For tangential loads applied at the pedal centreline, both systems achieved better than 0.25Nm over the range 0-75Nm. The InfoCrank demonstrated good rejection of non-tangential loads. A maximum error of 1% was measured with an offset load and under some load directions.

Under track testing, InfoCrank produced cleaner cadence and torque data than the SRM. The InfoCrank seems to respond faster to torque changes. The high-speed data generated from the InfoCranks appears to be of high quality with a good signal to noise ratio.

Since the original testing in 2011, we have applied for certification of our Accuracy. Please find the attached file, which states that InfoCrank had a maximum error of:

0.11Nm >17Nm

0.57% >17Nm