Let's talk about Bottom Brackets and Frame Shells.

You might have a 24mm Bottom Bracket in your Frame Shell right now. Your Frame Shell may be able to fit a 30mm Bottom Bracket. The InfoCrank 110BCD has a M30 spindle and requires either a Praxis M30 Bottom Bracket or a CeramicSpeed (BBRight, BB386evo, and BB30A) BB to be installed into your Frame Shell. You cannot keep your current 24mm Bottom Bracket mounted in your frame shell.

Please click here to see our list of Frames that are compatible with the M30 bottom bracket.

If you don't know what Frame Shell you have, please create a ticket and we will discuss your current bike set up with you to ensure compatibility. We will need to know your frame type and year of manufacture. A bike mechanic or your frame manufacturer should also be able to tell you what Frame Shell you have.

We have also released the InfoCrank Classic that is fitted with a 24mm spindle. The InfoCrank Classic is not supplied with a Bottom Bracket and can be adapted to your Frame Shell with an after market solution. A standard Shimano type bottom bracket will be required to install.