InfoCrank with Praxis Works M30 System:

We built your InfoCrank power meter with a Praxis spindle that fits Praxis BB30, PF30, BB86, OSBB, ITA and BSA (English threaded). Your power meter system will come with the Praxis bottom bracket that you choose upon ordering. All bottom brackets come supplied with M30 installation tool.

Second M30 bottom brackets are available for purchase from Praxis Dealers or the Praxis online store to enable your InfoCrank to easily swap between bikes.

Praxis purpose-builds bottom brackets instead of using spacers. Our aim is to continue to purpose-build instead of using spacers for other bottom brackets in the marketplace. 

BRight, BB386evo, and BB30A

We have ceramic BB solutions for these bottom bracket standards. It is available at a retail and wholesale level for an additional purchase price. Please contact your sales rep or for more details. 

BB90 (Trek): 

To install on Trek's BB90 platform our InfoCrank Classic fitted with a 24mm Spindle is required. Bottom bracket not included.