BB30, PF30, OSBB  - virtually all bikes with the type of BB can be fitted with the M30 InfoCrank. 

BB86 - This is the standard Shimano type of BB shell and the M30 BB86 is a perfect fit for most bikes of this type.

BSA - this was the original standard and is still considered the best by many.   M30 InfoCranks fit perfectly with this standard.

BB30A - the Cannondale Bottom Bracket. There are two types of BB both named the same. With a 46mm diameter hole in the frame, the PF30A/M30 BB will fit. With a 42mm hole, a 24mm spindle is recommended.

BBRight - the Cervelo bottom bracket also is custom made to fit M30 InfoCrank in collaboration with Ceramic Speed.

BB386Evo - a recent evolution of the PF30 concept and available in custom Ceramic Speed M30 Bottom Bracket.

Most bottom brackets made to fit with the M30 InfoCrank are Praxis models with high quality steel bearings by Enduro. Ceramic Speed collaborate with Verve in producing BBright, BB386Evo and PF30 bottom brackets with the highest quality ceramic bearings.  

Exceptions: the BB90 of Trek is virtually the only frame that will not fit an M30 InfoCrank. This is due to the width of the bottom bracket which is beyond the length of the M30 Spindle. The 24mm InfoCrank has an extended spindle for this bike.

Please contact us if you are unsure.